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Portesbery help to build pavement in Kenya

We recently formed a link with Kupenda, a special needs organization in Kenya. One of our members of staff (Elizabeth from Sensory Education) used to work with the children there before she joined us at Portesbery.

We did some fundraising last year and our efforts managed to raise over £100. This has been used to help build a pavement for the surrounding areas of the school.

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Cabro Pavement Tile Pavement at Kupenda

We will be strengthening our links with Kupenda in the coming months. To find out more about Kupenda visit

Below is an excerpt from a letter sent to Elizabeth from one of the staff members at Kupenda.

The pavement / sidewalk measures 2M wide by 52M long built with concrete Cabro pavement blocks/tiles at a total cost of Kshs.102,800(one hundred and two thousand and eight hundred Kenya shillings) jointly donated by your school and Kupenda volunteers from the U.S.

Children in wheelchairs can now move very fast on their own without any support or being stuck in the sandy soils.

Kuhenza for the children is planning to extend the pavement to cover all the paths in the school compound to make sure it’s a disability friendly environment.

Once again I thank all the teachers, children and you for your generous financial contribution that made the project successful.

Yours sincerely,