GSO Test

Superhero Topic Videos

Superhero Maths Song  (Mar 2021)

Lara shares a superhero-themed counting song using some simple cone characters.
The template for the superhero characters can be downloaded 


Superhero Science  (Feb 2021)

Ria and The Hulk make some fizzy superhero fountains. Whoosh!


Vicky's 'Spider-Man'!  (Feb 2021)

Vicky shows us her version of Spider-Man - her pet tarantula!  Eeek!


Making Supehero characters  (Feb 2021)

Ria shows us how to make these flying superheroes using some simple templates which can be downloaded here.



Supervillain 'Evil Pea' activity!  (Feb 2021)

More fun with the Supertato story as Ria makes some 'Evil Pea' artwork!


Make your own 'Supertato'!  (Feb 2021)

Ria shows us how to make our very own 'Supertato', using a few simple props.  The worksheet with cutout masks and belts can be downloaded here


'Supertato'!  (Feb 2021)

Ria continues our Superhero topic by reading one of Willow Class's favourite books - 'Supertato'!


Superhero Story  (Jan 2021)

Sonia dons her cape (and wig!) to read us a story featuring all of your favourite superheroes!


Makaton 'Superhero' related signs  (Jan 2021)


Kirsty (our Makaton Trainer) has created some simple reference sheets of relevant signs for this term's Superhero topic.

Click here to download the signs.


Super Pen Control with EJ!  (Jan 2021)

EJ uses her superpowers to draw accurate lines on her worksheet.  Give it a try with your child! You can download the worksheet from here.



Vicky's Superheroes!  (Jan 2021) 

Vicky from Beech Class introduces us to her favourite Superheroes.  Do you have a favourite one too?


Superhero Makaton Signs  (Jan 2021)

EJ shows us some Makaton signs that are related to Superheroes.


Makaton - Hero Song  (Jan 2021)

Lara, Kirsty, Ruby, Neeta and Julie from Chestnut Class sing and sign a song about being a hero!


Superhero 'Bucket' with Oak Class  (Jan 2021)

 Sonia, Anita and Lisa do a Superhero themed 'Bucket' session for us to enjoy.  'Hulk Smash'!



 Intro - Superhero Song!  (Jan 2021)

The topic for this term in our Secondary Department is 'Superheroes'.  We're starting off the action with a Superhero song to get us all warmed up!