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Storytime Videos

Tickly Sheep  (Mar 2021)

Jane reads a farmyard favourite story - 'Tickly Sheep'!


Weather Sensory Story  (Feb 2021)

Janine tells a Sensory Story all about different types of weather.
The text for the story along with sensory ideas can be downloaded here.


'Wombat Stew'  (Feb 2021)

Jaynie reads one of Oak Class's favourite stories from last year's Australia topic; Wombat Stew!


'The Scarecrow's Wedding'  (Feb 2021)

Clare reads 'The Scarecrow's Wedding' by Julia Donaldson, with a little help from Bertie.


'5 Little Ponies'  (Feb 2021)

Janine reads '5 Little Ponies' for Caterpillar Class, as part of their Farmyard topic.


'Snow Bear'  (Jan 2021)

Janine from Lark Class shares a Sensory Story, all about the 'Snow Bear'.
A PDF version of the Powerpoint that Janine uses can be downloaded here.


'That's not my Pirate!'  (Jan 2021)

Lisa from Butterfly Class reads one of her favourite stories; 'That's not my Pirate!'


'Whatever Next!'  (Jan 2021)

 One our students in Ladybird Class reads 'Whatever Next!' for us all to enjoy.

The audio on the video is a little quiet, but if you don't have the book at home there is a YouTube version available with visuals and narration if you would like to view it: 


'Room on the Broom'  (Jan 2021)

Alison reads one of Portesbery's favourite story books - 'Room on the Broom'


'Elmer the Elephant'  (Jan 2021)

Bee Class share one of their favourite books with us - 'Elmer the Elephant'


'Poo in the Zoo'  (Jan 2021)

Rob from Magpie Class reads 'Poo in the Zoo', with a little help from his state of the art robot assistant!
You can download the worksheet and poem for this story by clicking here.


'10 Little Aliens'  (Jan 2021)

There's an Alien in Bee Class!  Luckily she is friendly and wants to read us a story.