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Space Topic Videos

'Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!'  (Feb 2021)

Lauren shows us a simple space themed Story Massage to try at home.


Make your own planet!  (Jan 2021)

As part of our Space topic, Lisa from Ladybird Class shows us how to make our very own planet, great to try at home with your children.


'Winnie in Space'  (Jan 2021)

Rachel from Bee Class reads another story to us - 'Winnie in Space'!


'Blast Off!'  (Jan 2021)

Ladybird Class show us a simple counting game to try at home. This spaceman jumps from planet to planet and then blasts off into outer space!


'5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer (2)  (Jan 2021)

Dragonfly Class take us for a spin in their Flying Saucer!


'On the Launchpad'  (Jan 2021)

Phoebe from Bee Class reads 'On the Launchpad', a Counting Storybook.


Makataon 'Space' related signs  (Jan 2021)


Kirsty (our Makaton Trainer) has created some simple reference sheets of relevant signs for this term's Space topic.

Click here to download the signs.


Painting Planet Earth!  (Jan 2021)

Emma from Butterfly Class shows us how to create a planet using coloured paints and some very simple origami !!


Space parachute in Dragonfly Class  (Jan 2021)

Dragonfly Class show us their space themed parachute, which your child may enjoy watching if they are lying down.


'5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer'  (Jan 2021)

Andrea from Ladybird Class sings '5 little men in a flying saucer' and teaches us some maths skills too! 
The resources for this video can be downloaded by clicking here.


'Space' Box with Ben  (Jan 2021)

Ben from Beetle class shows us a Space themed box featuring a fun alien activity, and he introduces us to Polly!


CBeebies - 'Maddie, Space and You'  (Jan 2021)

Maddie, Space and You

CBeebies are showing some 'Space' themed programmes and activities, starting on Monday at 4.50pm, perfect for our Space topic in Primary this term!

The episodes should also be available to watch on catch-up using BBC iPlayer.

Maddie will be taking us on a journey into space to explore planets, astronauts and rockets.

'Story Massages' in Space!  (Jan 2021)

Louise from Firefly Class introduces us to 'Story Massage' and follows with a Space themed story.
This video is accompanied by some PDF resources which you can download below:
Introduction to Story Massage (strokes)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Story (short)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Story (long)


Louise and Chris continue on their Space Voyage and share another Story Massage with us!
The PDF resources for the second story can be downloaded below:
Walking on the Moon Story

In this week's final Massage Story, Louise and Chris are 'Going on a Moon Walk'!
The PDF resources for this story can be downloaded below:
We're going on a Moon Walk


Sensory Voyage in Space  (Jan 2021)

Let's go on a Space voyage (in Dragonfly's Sensory Room!).


'Space' Box Session  (Jan 2021)

Lauren, Char, Jeannette and Stacy from Dragonfly Class give us an 'out of this world' box session!


Alien Artwork with Ben  (Jan 2021)

 This term's topic in our Primary Department is 'Space'. In this activity, Ben shows us how to make an alien using a paper plate.