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Governing Body

General Information

The Portesbery School Governing Body comprises twelve Governors, made up of six Co-opted Governors, three Parent Governors, one Local Authority Governor and one Staff Governor and the Headteacher, who is a governor by virtue of his position.

The term of office for all Governors other than the Headteacher is 4 years, although a Governor may choose to resign prior to the end of her or his term.  Parent and Staff Governors are appointed by election.  The Governing Body appoints Co-opted Governors.  Local Authority governors are nominated by the local authority or nominated by the school and approved by the local authority.

Governors are able to resign from their position by providing written notice to the Governance Professional. The Governing Body also has the right to remove a Governor if they have not attended meetings of the Governing Body for a period of 6 months without the agreement of the other governors, or if they have breached the Code of Conduct.

The Full Governing Body meets at least once each term, usually towards the end of each term.  Major parts of the work of the Governing Body are dealt with in Committees.  The two chief Committees are the Children and Learning Committee and the Resources Committee.  These meet earlier in the term, before the Full Governing Body.  The Terms of Reference of these two Committees are shown below.  Other Committees are the Pay Committee and the Headteacher’s Performance Review Committee.

Current Vacancies

Co-opted Governor (three) 

Governors at Portesbery School are as follows:

Parent Governors:   Term of Office: from  to
Mrs Catherine Booth 16-Sep-2021 15-Sep-2025
Mrs Claire Crickett 16-Sep-2021 15-Sep-2025
Mrs Nic Pretty 16-Sep-2021 15-Sep-2025
Co-opted Governors:
Mrs Debbie Andrews 04-Jul-2019 03-Jul-2023
Mr Patrick Dawson 15-Dec-2021  14-Dec-2025
Mrs Susan Thelton 04-Apr-2019 03-Apr-2023
(Vacancy) - -
(Vacancy) - -
(Vacancy) - -
Staff Governors:
Mr Nathan Aspinall (Headteacher) 18-Apr-2017 open-ended
Mrs Kirsty Mingard 15-Dec-2021 14-Dec-2024
Local Authority Governor:
Mr Chris Hamilton (Chair) 15-Dec-2021 14-Dec-2024
Governance Professional
Mrs Liz Bharj 01-Nov-2021 open-ended
Liz can be contacted by email:

Our Governance Professional is not a governor, but attends meetings to take minutes and to act on governors’ instructions.  Persons wishing to make contact with the Governing Body should do so through the Governance Professional in the first instance.


The structure of the Governing Body

The Chair of the Governing Body is Mr Chris Hamilton, who can be contacted via email at .

Full Governing Body
Mr Chris Hamilton (Chair) 
Mr Patrick Dawson (Vice-Chair)
(All governors are included)
Children and Learning
Appraisal Panel
Mrs Debbie Andrews (Chair) Mr Patrick Dawson (Chair) Mr Chris Hamilton
Mrs Claire Crickett Mrs Catherine Booth Mr Patrick Dawson
Mrs Nic Pretty Mr Chris Hamilton
Mrs Susan Thelton Mrs Kirsty Mingard
Mr Nathan Aspinall (HT) Mr Nathan Aspinall (HT)


Governors who have served at any point over the past 12 months but who have stepped down during that period:

Mrs Margaret Dean
Mr Simon Fellows
Mr Hudson Holt
Brig Stephen Shirley
Mr Jonathan Spink
Mrs Jane Vaughan
Mrs Tracey Haigh
Mr Morgan Rise

Register of business and pecuniary interests and attendance record at governing body and committee meetings over the last academic year.

Governor name Pecuniary/other interests Attendance
Mrs Debbie Andrews Trustee at Kite Academy Trust 8/7
Mr Nathan Aspinall Headteacher at school, otherwise none 9/9
Mrs Catherine Booth None N/A
Mrs Claire Crickett tbc N/A
Mr Patrick Dawson Employed at West Hill Golf Club 6/7
Mrs Tracey Haigh Teacher at school, otherwise none 5/7
Mr Chris Hamilton -Chair of Residents Association (Bagshot Matters)
-Carwarden School - Governor
-High Close School - Governor
-Wild RIdings School - Governor
Mrs Nic Pretty

-Committee member of the Hoe Valley Neighbourhood Forum

-Class representative of Barnsbury School PTA

Mr Morgan Rise -Surrey Heath Borough Council (Councillor)
-Surrey Heath Arts Council
-Frimley Fuel Allotments Charity
Mrs Susan Thelton Horsell Common Preservation Society 7/7
Mrs Debbie Attard
(Associate Member)
-Business Manager at school
-Partner has self-employed building business
Mrs Clare Walker
(Associate Member)
Deputy Headteacher at school, otherwise none 5/9

Attendance at governing body meetings is a major, but not the only, part of the input of governors.  Other governor commitments not listed on the tabulation include governor visits and learning walks, and informal consultations with staff on, e.g, finance-related matters.

Governor Meetings

Meetings of Portesbery School’s Governing Body are for Governing Body members only. If interested parties wish to attend one of the meetings, arrangements can be made in advance by contacting the Chair of Governors.

Full Governing Body Board Meeting 16 Sep 2021 (12.30pm)
Resources Committee Meeting 24 Nov 2021 (5.00pm)
Full Governing Body Board Meeting 01 Dec 2021 (5.00pm)
Children & Learning Committee Meeting 02 Dec 2021 (1.00pm)
Joint Resources and Children & Learning Committee Meeting 02 Feb 2022 (5.00pm)
Full Governing Body Board Meeting 9 Mar 2022 (5.00pm)
Children & Learning Committee Meeting 17 Mar 2022 (1.00pm)
Resources Meeting (Budget Approval) 20 Apr 2022 (5.00pm)
Resources Committee Meeting 15 Jun 2022 (5.00pm)
Full Governing Body Board Meeting 29 Jun 2022 (5.00pm)
Children & Learning Committee Meeting 30 Jun 2022 (1.00pm)


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