GSO Test

Pupil Voice 

Listening to our students


Portesbery is committed to listening and understanding the experiences of children and young people. It is important we provide real-life opportunities for children and young people to contribute to their learning, their experiences and their opportunities as pupils at Portesbery. 


It is important we are creative with the strategies we use to ensure children and young people can authentically make their voice heard. This might include whole school votes, small working parties or individual conversations. Staff have a responsibility to support this this process and adapt strategies such as; providing symbols, using a choice board, preparing a voice output device, physical or verbal support and even tangible examples.

We regularly seek the opinion and choices of our pupils on whole school curriculum enrichment and events, such as ‘what fundraising project shall we do to raise money for Red Nose Day?’. Pupils can vote for an event or activity and then participate in it.

Pupils are also invited to attend and contribute to their EHCP reviews to provide an input on the progress they have made.


The children and young people of Portesbery will feel valued and this will be reflected in their self-esteem and confidence. Our curriculum enrichment offer will be enticing and irresistible and we will record pupils’ enjoyment and engagement through photos, videos, the engagement model and progress towards choice making and impendence skills.

Everyone will know they have thoughts and opinions and they are important and will be heard.