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Online Safety Advice

Safer Internet Day 2022 falls on Tuesday 8th February, with the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’.

From gaming and chat, to streaming and video, young people are shaping the interactive entertainment spaces they are a part of. Safer Internet Day 2022 celebrates young people’s role in creating a safer internet, whether that is whilst gaming and creating content, or interacting with their friends and peers.

You can find out more on the official Safer Internet Day page of the UK Safer Internet Centre website.  Please take some time to browse the site, which includes some useful guides and resources.

Please also view the links and information below which highlights some activities and guidance to keep your family safe online. 

General Online Safety Advice



Safer Internet Day 2022






Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP

There are a wealth of resources for parents and carers via the Parent Zone and NCA-CEOP websites. 

Parent Zone sits at the heart of modern family life, providing advice, knowledge and support to shape the best possible future for children as they embrace the online world. Parent Zone provides resources and training to educate and equip professionals and supports parents to develop the right skills and understanding, so that their children can discover the possibilities and opportunities available to them online.

NCA-CEOP has an extensive offer for children and young people, parents, carers and professionals. Its parents and carers website and educational materials offer more specific advice and information about keeping children and young people safe from online sexual abuse and exploitation.