GSO Test

'Box' & 'Bucket' Videos 

Box with Lisa  (Feb 2021)

Time for another box session!  Today it's Lisa's turn to share.


Box with Jaynie  (Feb 2021)

Today's box session from Jaynie is themed around reptiles!


Box with Anita  (Jan 2021)

Anita gives us another fun box session, ending with a great matching and sorting activity to try at home.


Box with Sharlie  (Jan 2021)

Sharlie shares the content of her box and follows with some very messy play!


Bucket with Sonia  (Jan 2021)

Sonia has some very exciting things in her bucket for today's session!


Bucket with Anita  (Jan 2021)

Anita from Oak Class has got lots of fun things to show you from her toy box!


Bucket with Ruby  (Jan 2021)

What fun things does Ruby have in her bucket today?


Taking a Covid test with EJ and Alison  (Jan 2021)

Alison is displaying some Covid symptoms so EJ shows us how to administer a Covid test.