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Creative Art & Cookery Videos 

Chinese New Year - Art  (Feb 2021)

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Janine paints a Cherry Blossom tree using traditional lucky Chinese colours.
You can download the tree template here and a copy of the symbolled instructions here.



'Mug Cakes'!  (Feb 2021)

Sonia shows us how to make a 'mug cake' using some simple ingredients and a microwave!
The recipe that she uses can be downloaded here.


Threading Beads. (Feb 2021)

EJ shows us bead threading, which is a simple exercise to develop children's fine motor skills.


Painting with Jane  (Jan 2021)

Jane from Bee Class makes some colourful symmetrical paintings using folded paper.
A nice activity to try at home with your children!



Crafting with 'Elmer'  (Jan 2021)

Laura from Bee Class shows us some more Art and Craft ideas based around Elmer the Elephant!
You can download the blank template of Elmer that Laura uses by clicking here.


Colouring with 'Elmer'  (Jan 2021)

Following on from yesterday's 'Elmer' story, Rachel from Bee draws her own colourful elephant.
If you want to try at home, you can download Rachel's elephant template by clicking here.


Making Lunch with Rob and Sam  (Jan 2021)

Rob and Sam from Magpie Class make a Toasted Sandwich and Salad for lunch - why not try to make something similar at home?  
The schedule/recipe that Rob uses can be downloaded here.



Crafting with Kristina  (Jan 2021)

Kristina left Portesbery just before Christmas.  She's missing her students in Bee Class so she has made them a special video.  What is she going to make?


'Rocky Road' Crispy Cakes  (Jan 2021)

Sally from Willow Class shows us how to make some delicious 'Rocky Road' crispy cakes - naughty but nice!


'A Woodland Walk'  (Jan 2021)

Charlotte, Lisa, Emma and Emma from Butterfly Class are going out for a walk in the woods. What will they find?


'Melting Snowman Biscuits'  (Jan 2021)

Alison shows us how to make some easy 'Melting Snowman Biscuits'. Yum!