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'Funstorm' (After School Club) operates on Tues/Weds/Thurs from 3.15-5.30pm.


It’s Kids’ Choice Club on Tuesdays. At the beginning of each term, students vote from a choice of two activities for each week. Activity choices will include sensory/relaxation based activities, themed creative arts nights, as well as activities such as walks in the woods, café trips and much more. We will meet in the first week to do a little cooking and make our choices. Non-verbal pupils will get symbols to vote and pupils not present on the first Tuesday will still get their say for the sessions they are attending.


The theme for each term at cooking club is different. Autumn term is ‘Autumn & Winter Warmers’, Spring term is ‘Cooking Around the World’ and Summer Term is ‘Tea Party Treats’.  Students will get to use symbolled recipes and specialised equipment to create their dishes as independently as possible. At the end of each half term we invite parents, carers and siblings to join us to share a selection of our favourite dishes we have made.


Thursdays are designed to get your children burning off as much energy as possible with the weekend looming. The group splits into primary and secondary age groups, who take it in turns to access the school hydrotherapy pool or to take part in active sessions such as rebound therapy, walks in our local woods and Big Games (bowling, floor darts, frisbee golf and more). Any child attending a swim night must bring from home all the necessary swim kit, pads and flotation aids they require. If we do not feel they have the necessary items then your child will be included into the ‘active’ session for that week.


Cost & Accessibility

Funstorm sessions cost £12. Some students may be entitled to free sessions. If you are unsure of your entitlement then please speak to Emma in the school office. Our staff are trained and experienced in managing challenging behaviour and supporting those with high medical and/or physical support needs. If you have any queries please contact Rob on the phone, through the home/school diary or via email (

Please be aware that due to rising student numbers and a general increase in demand from existing students, we are facing unprecedented levels of requests for spaces at Funstorm. While we are still facing ongoing challenges with our level of funding it is unlikely that we will be able to allocate any students more than three sessions per fortnight.
We would still urge you to apply for as many spaces as you would be interested in as we are now running a waiting list for each session so that if a confirmed booking is cancelled then we can offer the space out to someone else.

Contact Details 

Funstorm can be contacted during club hours on 01252 832109.  This telephone also has an answerphone facility so messages can be left out of club hours.

During Summer Club (and on outings), we can be contacted on 07516 725426.  Please note that this number is only used when we are off-site.


Funstorm - Spring 2019

Summer Club 2019


Funstorm & Summer Club Evaluations

If you would like to read the results of the parent, student and staff questionnaires/evaluations of Funstorm and Summer Club please find them in the attachments below. 

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